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We can put on the very best firework display
that you could get anywhere,
whatever your budget.

Yes, that's right, whether you want to spend a few hundred pounds to make your Wedding or Birthday party unforgettable, or whether you are planning a major public display costing tens of thousands, we will deliver an unrivalled experience for your entire audience.

How do we achieve this?

First of all, as part of the Dragonfire Group, we have access to a vast range of top-quality pyro. There are over six hundred carefully selected types of firework in stock from leading manufacturers all over the world, so our designers have a free reign for their imagination when they put your unique show together.

Secondly, as direct importers and bulk buyers, Dragonfire gets this stock at the keenest prices - we don't have to pay an extra margin to wholesalers, and we pass the benefit of this on to you in the form of more material than other display companies could afford to include at any given price range.

Thirdly, we have developed our own unique design software. This not only supports the designer by keeping track of timing and costs to leave him free to concentrate on the creative aspects of the show, but it also produces the documentation for picking the stock from the stores, for preparing and fusing the sequences in our workshops, for setting up on site, and for actually firing the display. This means that the show goes off exactly as the designer intended, and also that this very labour-intensive operation is carried out with the maximum efficiency - leaving more of your budget to actually go into the display.

Fourthly, we are all real enthusiasts, as well as professionals! We love fireworks! We want the very best show possible as much as you do! This means that we don't cut corners; we don't put in a cheap shell if we can possibly afford a magnificent one; and we are constantly innovating and developing new techniques and combinations.

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